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BYU-Idaho fall enrollment reaches record number

September 2008

The number of students attending Brigham Young University-Idaho unintentionally reached an all-time high in Fall Semester. Official enrollment statistics show the head count stands at 13,759 students, compared to 13,155 a year ago - a 4.6 percent increase from Fall 2007.

Registrar Kyle Martin said more freshmen students accepted admission to BYU-Idaho than was expected. A new program for returning Latter-day Saint missionaries also had an impact on the record number. Martin said the university will take action in the future to bring the number down to the preferred level.

While the number of students is at a record high, the number of full-time equivalent (FTE) students is not. The FTE count now stands at 12,010, compared to a record 12,208 back in Fall 2006. FTE is based on a student taking 15 credit hours.

Martin said the reason that the FTE count also is not at a record is because the average credit load is lower. In fact, the average credit load slipped by 2.6 percent from 13.4 credits in fall 2007 to 13.1 in fall 2008.

"We're not exactly sure why this has happened," Martin said. "We suspect two things. There are more married students who take fewer credits and possibly the shorter semester."

Martin said the university's target number of FTEs still stands at 11,600 and the university will work to lower the current FTE count in future semesters.

Enrollment includes 4,459 freshmen, 2,911 sophomores, 2,917 juniors and 3,472 seniors. The number of married students stands at 3,588, or 26 percent of the student body. There are 7,889 females (57 percent) compared to 5,870 male students. The number of students who served missions for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is 4,929 students, or 36 percent of the student body.

The university has 9,607 continuing students, 3,242 new students and 770 returning after an absence of one or more semesters, including those who are re-entering after serving church missions.

States with high numbers of students are Idaho, 5,180; California, 1,416; Utah, 1,380; and Washington, 1,018. There are 417 international students representing 61 countries, including 125 from Canada, 51 from South Korea, 33 from Brazil, 27 from Mexico, and 19 from Albania.

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