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College Opportunity Multiplies Earning Potential

October 2009


Jared Ulmer has done the calculations. He’s discovered an average $20,000 difference in the first-year annual salary of a high school graduate and that of a college graduate. He’s also discovered another $20,000 gap between the first-year salaries of a bachelor’s degree recipient and a master’s degree recipient. It puts his remaining schooling in perspective. “In just two-and-a-half more years I will have multiplied my earning power by tens of thousands of dollars,” he said. “In my eyes, the return on my educational investment is incomparable.”

While Jared is planning well for his financial future, his financial journey to get to that point has sometimes been difficult. Despite saving since the age of eight, he’s needed a little help along the path to graduation.

“An education at BYU-Idaho costs much less than other universities with comparable academic results,” said Jared, a native of Houston, Texas. “But even working 40 hours a week at two jobs was not enough to cover my expenses. My donor-provided grant from the school has helped me continue my education without going into debt for rent and books. It was a blessing directed by the hand of God.”

Jared is also passionate about his education at BYU-Idaho. “I feel very strongly that my education has helped develop my character, increased my understanding of obedience, and shown me how to embrace integrity. It has also helped me collect gems of knowledge that will provide satisfaction to both my chosen career and my family.”

Like other grant recipients, Jared plans to help others receive an education in the future. “I express gratitude to all who support students who are in serious need. When I am enabled to provide the same service, I'll be ready to bat.”

Jared is majoring in business management and will graduate in April 2010. He plans to get a graduate degree at BYU, then move to one of the eastern states and pursue employment in city management.

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