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Grant Enables Nursing Student to Finish Degree

May 2009


Working as a lifeguard in Oregon, Michelle Hubbard had to perform CPR in an attempt to save a swimmer’s life. It was this experience that shaped her desire to become a nurse. Yet even after making the decision, fulfilling her dream wasn’t easy.

Michelle received a basketball scholarship to Western Oregon until a snowboarding injury made her ineligible. This series of events led her to choose to attend BYU–Idaho—her mother’s alma mater.

Following her freshman year, Michelle married Ryan Hubbard. She went on to earn an associate's degree in paramedicine, completed a paramedic internship in Galveston, Texas, and had two children. Michelle underwent two kidney operations and experienced transient renal failure, driving up medical bills and making the prospect of finishing her nursing degree look bleak.

Michelle’s advisor suggested she contact the financial aid office and apply for a grant. She received a tuition grant and is now eight semester hours away from her nursing degree. In addition to her financial aid, Michelle works full time to help pay her medical bills and a portion of the family’s living expenses.

Michelle is extremely grateful for the donor who made the grant possible because it is enabling her to finish the nursing program at BYU–Idaho. “I plan to donate to someone else when I’m in a position to do so, because I know it would go where it was needed,” she said. “Those who funded my grant made completing school a possibility for me.”

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