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Scholarship Helps Returned Missionary

January 2008


While serving in the Korea Pusan Mission last year, Aaron Meacham was understandably focused on his service there and not on all that goes into applying for college. He did, however, hope to be able to jump right into school and, in his words, “use the momentum of a structured life and hard work that came while serving as a missionary.” His mother took care of the details of applying for school so he could stay focused on his missionary service. And he was able to begin school just three weeks after returning home since the scholarship he was awarded prior to his mission had been deferred.

Aaron says, “Having a scholarship has been an incredible blessing—not only for me, but my family as well. We’re not a rich family, so every little bit helps. I have other siblings in school, so I know that whatever my parents spend on me impacts the whole family.”

“Having a scholarship has motivated me to go the extra mile, to try as hard as I can in all my classes. I realize the sacrifice people have made to help me go to school, and I’m incredibly grateful for that. I work harder knowing that someone I don’t even know is sacrificing so that I can go to college.”

Working three jobs as well as attending classes keeps Aaron busy, but he says, “Although I still work and go to school at the same time, my scholarship has allowed me to focus more on my schoolwork. In college every little bit counts, and that little bit can make a huge difference.”

Aaron is majoring in public relations and he is excited about the opportunities it will present him after he graduates. One of his jobs gives him the chance to work in the public relations office on campus, which Aaron says came as a miracle from heaven, and has been a huge blessing in his life. The opportunity to apply what he learns in the classroom in real world situations is something Aaron loves about BYU–Idaho. He says this school lets students be participants rather than spectators, something President David A. Bednar has emphasized often over the last few years.

BYU-Idaho has been nothing short of a wonderful experience for Aaron. It has shaped his entire outlook. A mission changed his desires and focus and got him on the right course, and BYU–Idaho is keeping him on the path that he hopes to travel along far into the future.

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