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Self-Confidence Helps Single Mom Change Life

August 2008


Roshana Jensen chose BYU-Idaho because of its strong LDS culture, its program offerings, and its reputation for being a good, smaller school. But Roshana also found the university to be a big help in overcoming some of life’s problems. “For me, the biggest benefit of BYU-Idaho has been to help me regain self-confidence,” said Roshana, a native of Los Alamos, New Mexico. “The school has provided the tools to help me change my own life and has become my spiritual anchor. I have been taught how to learn by the Spirit—something I’ve not previously applied to learning.”

Roshana believes her biggest accomplishment at BYU-Idaho has been her new-found ability to do well in classes while being a good mom to her four children. “My experience here has really broadened my horizons,” she said. “I have found myself enjoying a range of classes beyond my comfort zone. I feel more spiritually in tune and have used my new-found knowledge to help my children and those around me.”

Improving the lives of others is Roshana’s goal. “Having been through a divorce, personal health issues, and struggles as a single mom, I feel my greatest contribution would be to help those experiencing similar situations become healthy spiritually, physically, mentally, emotionally, and socially. My long-range goal is a career in physical therapy. I have witnessed great changes and miracles through physical therapy.”

It’s no secret that single-parenting presents special challenges, including financial difficulties. “The financial assistance I have received has been a double blessing,” said Roshana. “It has helped me pay for college and expedite my education by attending year-round. It has also helped me maintain my goal of being with my children as much as possible. I’ve been able to go to school without having to work, and, as a result, I have been able to focus on my studies and my family. This has been a great blessing for me.”

Roshana’s experience at BYU-Idaho changed her ideas about helping others. “A friend once asked me what I would do if I had a million dollars,” she said. “One priority would be to create a fund for single moms trying to get through school so that they can become better educated and still be able to be mothers. I’d also like to help others make changes needed to better their lives, overcome trials, and reconstruct negative beliefs or behaviors. I’d love to give back what I have received and help others to become the best that they can.”

Roshana is studying health science with an emphasis in personal and community wellness. She will graduate in 2009.

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