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Internships and Financial Aid Prepare Student for Medical School

April 2009


David Baird had three main reasons for attending BYU-Idaho: convenience, money, and ballroom dance. With BYU-Idaho only 30 minutes from his hometown and having received a full-tuition scholarship, it didn’t make sense to go anywhere else.

But after four years of school and a two-year mission to Russia, David discovered that the experience and education gained at BYU-Idaho helped prepare him for medical school.

“One of the greatest advantages of the college experience is learning to manage time,” said David. “I have learned to balance school, ballroom dancing, work, service, and leadership activities—managing my time efficiently. My experience at BYU-Idaho has been rich, fulfilling, and rewarding.”

BYU-Idaho requires most students to complete an internship. David believes his two internships were the most significant accomplishments he has made. “I completed my first internship as a research fellow at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center nd the second as a medical assistant in Kenai, Alaska,” he said. “My studies at BYU-Idaho prepared me to be successful in each of these experiences, and these experiences were important to my acceptance to medical school.”

David’s success in college has not been without challenges, however. Shortly after returning from his mission in Russia, he was diagnosed with a form of cancer called clear cell sarcoma. “Part of my continued care is CT scans every four months and costly monthly insurance premiums,” said David. “The costs add up very quickly.”

With hard work and some financial assistance, David will graduate in April 2007. He has been accepted to medical school at Creighton University and Penn State Universityand is waiting to hear from several others. “In the future, I hope to be able to provide assistance to other students who may find themselves in similar circumstances,” said David. “Although I have worked part-time throughout my undergraduate career, my resources would not have been sufficient to continue studying if it had not been for the added financial assistance I have received.”

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