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Idaho Falls Temple president speaks to BYU-Idaho students

October 2008

John H. Groberg, president of the Idaho Falls Temple, encouraged Brigham Young University-Idaho students to increase their faith in the Lord during a devotional address given Sept. 30.

"We want to achieve eternal life - or God's life," he said. "The question is: How do we get from here to there? There is only one way and that is through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ."

President Groberg emphasized that faith requires action.

"Faith is not a passive thing, but a vibrant living thing," he said. "It is trust in His confidence, it is doing. The greater our faith, the greater our action and obedience. We start where we are and move towards the light, which is Jesus Christ. Each one of us has some degree of faith already or we wouldn't be here."

He also spoke about the purpose of BYU-Idaho.

"One of the main purposes of this great institution is to help you increase your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. If it does that, which I am confident it will, whatever else it does though valuable will be of secondary importance," he said. "The same is true of our being here on this earth. If our experiences here increases our faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, our lives have been worth it no matter how long or short, or filled with mortal challenges they may be.

President Groberg spoke of his experiences as a young missionary and showed a clip from "The Other Side of Heaven," a movie made about his missionary service in Tonga. The video clip depicted the missionary struggling to learn Tongan, and succeeding through his faith in the Lord

"People often ask: ‘Did you really learn the language in four days?' Yes and no. ‘No' in that I still made mistakes and only knew a few additional words and phrases. But ‘Yes' in this all important sense: Before that odyssey I was not sure I would ever speak the language. After it I absolutely knew I would. I had perfect confidence, for the Lord had promised me! I knew it would take lots of hard work, but with His help I knew it would happen - and it did," President Groberg said.

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