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Students Speak for Themselves: Hailee Coulson

April 2014


Hailee Coulson has learned firsthand that when you strive to do your best and put first things first, then the important matters of life somehow take care of themselves, even if the best made decisions don’t turn out to be the best.

Such was her decision to attend college. After careful study she applied to several universities, including BYU-Idaho, but in the end chose to attend a state college.

All seemed right at first, she said. Then, “after a few months it didn’t feel like the right school for me. My parents had wanted me to go to BYU-Idaho all along, but I constantly fought the idea. They finally persuaded me to try it for one semester. It was absolutely incredible how everything fell into place so perfectly.”

Hailee’s challenge now is to keep up with the pace of her classes. “The course load is a lot more difficult and overwhelming than I have previously had,” she said. “Although I can keep up, there is a difference in how much is put into the curriculum in a shorter amount of time. I have to really focus on time management and prioritizing.”

Learning is foremost, but Hailee finds balance by working part-time in the financial aid office, which, to her is more than a job as she derives satisfaction in helping students find solutions. As well, she is an outdoors enthusiast who has become more adventurous by testing her courage in the Outdoors Recreation Program.

Hailee is quick to point out how her personal growth, both physically and spiritually, is tied to the opportunities afforded her because of scholarship money that allows her to apply heart and soul to her studies.

“My parents have been struggling financially for the past few years since my Dad lost his job and returned to school. I have learned a lot from this. I see the importance of continuing my education.”

Beyond paying for expenses, her scholarship is an expression of pure love, which prompts feelings of self-worth. “When we give to others without expecting anything in return, that is when a real difference is being made… we have a feeling of self-worth and importance, and [we experience] the pure love of Christ as shown through charity.”

Help other students like Hailee by providing scholarships and grants at BYU-Idaho

BYU-Idaho awards scholarships to students who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in academics, leadership, service, talent, or major.

Grants-in-aid allow us to meet the needs of students who may not qualify for scholarship awards or require extra support to reach their educational goals.

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