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Trustees/President's Fund

What It Is

The Trustees/President's Fund is the general fund supported by alumni and friends of the university to be used by the president and the BYU board of trustees to direct financial support to those areas of greatest need and opportunity. This fund provides much needed flexibility and helps in a variety of ways to accelerate the success of the university and its students. It allows the administration to swiftly and effectively respond to unforeseen developments that often require immediate financing and that cannot be met entirely, if at all, by budgeted funds.

Why It Is a Priority

Within any educational institution, there are programs that easily attract assistance from generous people, but other vital academic activities do not receive as much recognition and public support. The BYU board of trustees has established the university's priorities, and gifts to the Trustees/President's Fund are directed to meeting these needs and to taking advantage of other important opportunities when and as they develop. As needed, these funds are invested in the university's endowment, ensuring continued steady and secure growth that provides a source of income in perpetuity.

What It Does and How It Helps

Brigham Young University's first priority is teaching, particularly at the undergraduate level. In some instances, budgeted funding is not sufficient for programs that can significantly improve the educational experience of many students. The administration can help overcome these problems by drawing on donations given to the Trustees Fund (or the income these gifts, prudently invested, earn annually). Over the years this fund has been used to provide scholarships; underwrite mentored research opportunities for students; support such programs as the School of Family Life, the World Family Policy Center, and the Institute for the Study and Preservation of Ancient Religious Texts; and to develop curriculum that takes advantage of emerging technologies to improve classroom instruction and to adapt courses for worldwide instruction over the Internet.

This fund is critical to the success of the university. Your assistance in providing unrestricted support to BYU through the Trustees Fund will provide our Board of Trustees and administration the flexibility to properly guide the university in fulfilling its unique mission.

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