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Legacy Societies

The video below talks about the different Legacy Societies that exist at the Church's four schools of higher education, and how those who make a donation through a planned gift can be involved at the schools to see how their donations will benefit others.

What Is a Legacy Society?

A Legacy Society is a program established by a nonprofit organization such as Philanthropies that recognizes donors who leave future gifts (planned or deferred gifts such as a will, a life insurance policy, a gift annuity, or a trust) to the organization; no minimum gift amount is required to join. These gifts benefit a variety of needs, and are important to the educational institutions, because they allow administrators and boards to more accurately plan for the future, knowing better what resources will be available. Your gift today will greatly bless others today and tomorrow.

Once a donor informs Philanthropies that they have committed to making a planned gift, they become a member of that specific Legacy Society. Our Legacy Societies include:


I would like to establish a planned gift. How do I do that?

Professionals at Gift Planning Services of Philanthropies can help. They will work with your financial and legal advisors to help you create a plan that meets your needs and blesses the desired institution. For more information, please contact us at (877) 650-5377 or email us.

What kind of gifts qualify for membership?
Any planned or deferred gift, such as a will, a living trust, a life insurance policy, or a gift annuity qualifies one for membership to a society. No minimum gift amount is required.

Will I be solicited?
Being a member of a society does not entail any solicitations.  However, we hope you are comfortable receiving contact from the institution or your donor liaison in regards to current fundraising efforts.

What are the benefits of society membership?
Members will receive invitations to society events, including an annual society luncheon. You will also receive news and updates regarding the institution. New members will be sent a society lapel pin or pendant. Most importantly, members will be able to create their legacy, today.

Are copies of gift/bequest documents required?
Documentation is helpful, as it helps administrators and boards to more accurately plan for the future, knowing better what resources will be available. That said, it is not required for society membership.

Can I decline membership?
While we hope our wonderful donors would choose to participate, society membership is entirely optional.

What do I do if I have already established a deferred gift?
Please contact Gift Planning Services at (877) 650-5377 or email us and we will get your society membership set up.